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Can My Kids Use Natural Deodorant?

As your child starts to move towards the age of puberty, their body will go through hormonal changes. There might be times when you identify a smell coming from them, after that intense exercise.

Yes, that might be body odour coming from your child.

"Body odour at such a young age?" You might be wondering to yourself. Well, do not be surprised!

Everyone’s body is different and the start of puberty will vary accordingly. Puberty starts between the ages of 8 and 13 years in girls and 9 and 15 years in boys.

The First Step

I would highlight that the first few steps to take as a parent are to evaluate habits that might be causing them to have body odour. From there, you can look into the various tips we have to stop body odour before introducing your child to natural deodorant.

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If you have evaluated the other factors and through an elimination process realised that they do not cause the body odour problem, then you can look towards using natural deodorant to solve the issue.

Tips To Remember

Always remember that deodorants help to get rid of one’s body odour from their sweat. Hence, your child will continue to sweat as usual.

There is no specific age at which a kid can start using natural deodorant. Since it is made of natural ingredients, there is no harm if they use it when they are young – as long as they have body odour.

After applying the natural deodorant on your children, do monitor the progress and give it a couple of days for your child’s body to adjust to the deodorant.

Do test the product on your child’s hand first to check if they are allergic to the ingredients. If they are not, then go ahead and apply it on their underarms!

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