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Customer's Journey With Smood: @_blue.dolphin_

We decided to start this new section whereby we share about our customer's experience with the brand and their journey with natural deodorant!

Her Experience

Her Honest Thoughts

Can you share more about yourself?

A: Working adult in my thirties. My job requires me to be constantly on-the-go outdoors.

What problems did you face before using our deodorant?

A: I have never been truly comfortable using commercially-produced deodorants as I have read many articles about the chemicals they contain.

I also do not like how commercially-produced deodorants leave unsightly yellow stains on my clothes.

Last but not least, I am trying to lead a sustainable lifestyle and do not wish to generate waste through plastic packaging, as much as possible.

How did you find out about our brand?

A: I was introduced to your brand by the producer of the previous natural deodorant I used. The producer relocated overseas and recommended your brand to me.

What is your experience with our deodorant?

A: So glad I have made the switch to natural deodorant.

I feel comfortable using Smood's deodorant because I am well assured that it is made from quality natural ingredients that do not harm the body.

It has a lovely scent, and does not leave unsightly yellow stains on my clothes the way chemical deodorants do!

Thank you, Smood!

Any tips to share with other customers?

A: I do understand, though, why some people might want some sort of packaging, perhaps because they don't really fancy the sticky feeling on their fingertips or they need it for travel purposes?

How I resolved it was I actually reused the cardboard packaging (push-up paper tube) that my previous natural deodorant came in.

So I store the deodorant bar in an airtight container and only scoop some out at a time to refill the tube whenever it runs out. It has worked well for me so far.


Thank you so much for your honest feedback, @_blue.dolphin_ :)

If you wish to share your story, drop us a message!

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