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Customer's Journey With Smood: @insidethetinkerbox

We decided to start this new section whereby we share about our customer's experience with the brand and their journey with natural deodorant!

Her Experience

Her Honest Thoughts

Can you share more about yourself?

A: I'm Kay, owner and Chief Maker of the Tinkerbox, a artisan studio that handcrafts fabric reusable alternatives to single use items. I used to work in advertising and brand strategy for the big consumer brands.

How did you find out about our brand?

A: The Instagram algorithm first brought you to my attention, and then @thesustainabilityproject_

What problems did you face using our deodorant?

A: While the FMCG brands worked for me, I didn't like how my white shirts stained. Crystal deos unfortunately don't work for me. I was really conscious of being stinky, particularly when wearing certain clothing (which I later found out were made from synthetic – i.e., non breathable – fabric.

What is your experience with our deodorant?

A: The deo works! I find it a tad sticky but it's something that I've learned to work around. Your deo also works with that offending piece of clothing and keeps icky smells at bay.

What do you like the most about our deodorant?

A: It works. It's simply and fuss free. I wish the lavender scent would come through more but I'm happy regardless.

Any tips to share with other customers?

A: Because it's sticky, it tends to attract dust. It's not so noticeable when the deo is sizeable, but when it becomes really small, the dust balls and the deo becomes grey. Keep it away from dust as much as possible!


Thank you for sharing, @insidethetinkerbox:)

If you wish to share your story, drop us a message!

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