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How Do I Apply Smood On My Pits?

Having our deodorant as a packaged free one definitely brought about a lot of question marks and queries on how exactly can it be used.

One of the most common questions we always get is “How do I apply it?”

Well, here are the 3 most common way to apply our deodorant based on our experience and customers too!

1) Use Your Fingers

Simply apply our deodorant onto your fingertips. From there, swipe it on your pits and the deodorant will melt with your body heat.

As everyone applies a different amount, you can start off with one to two swipes of the deodorant bar first. After which, you can decide if you need more deodorant.

2) Use The Packaging

As our deodorant bars get sticky with humidity, the best option was to wrap them in the baking paper.

This is also to ensure that no dust gets on the deodorant bar and to retain its scent.

Most customers apply the deodorant by holding it with the baking paper and swiping it on their pits.

Then, they keep the item back in the paper and on their make up desk!

3) Use A Spoon

You know when you purchase those moisturisers and they give you this plastic spoon to scoop the item?

Well, the next time you are done with that spoon, do not try it away!

It is actually a perfect item to reuse to scoop of deodorant. After scooping the deodorant, you can decide if you want to apply it on your fingertips first or apply it on your pits directly.


BONUS: We have a customer who reused her used plastic deodorant tube to apply the deodorant. You can read her tips here!

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