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How To Store Natural Deodorant

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Since our deodorant bars are packaged free, we always get this commonly asked question – how do you store these deodorant?

Well, so here are some tips to store your natural deodorant bar properly.

1) Cool And Dry Environment

how to store deodorant

Did you know? With Singapore’s humidity, items made of natural ingredients have a higher risk of expiring faster.

To ensure that you maximise the life of your deodorant bar, place it In a dry and cool area of your bedroom.

Pro-tip. You can even place them in the refrigerator and take them out 15 minutes before applying them!

2) Away From The Sun

Similar to every other cosmetic product, the sun and its heat might cause deodorant to melt and become stickier. So, always remember to place it away from sunlight or any heat source.

If you like to bring your deodorant with you, you can place your bag at a cool spot or keep it under the shade!

3) If You Purchased Multiple Deodorant

Firstly, thank you :)

If you purchased multiple deodorant bars at one time, place the unused deodorant bars in a cool and dry place. Do not worry about them expiring! They have a shelf life of 12 months.

But do remember not to take the deodorant out of their packaging until you are ready to use them.

With these tips, you will be able to properly care for your deodorant!


Have any other questions on how to store the deodorants? Comment down below!

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