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Quick Check - Are These Ingredients In Your Beauty Product?

We apply beauty products on ourselves on a daily basis, be it a moisturiser, sunscreen, makeup or even facial masks. With the skin being the largest organ of our body, we have to be mindful and careful on what we apply.

After all, the skin absorbs up to 60% of what we apply.

Plus, the skin performs several vital functions for the body including protecting the other vital organs, bones, muscles and nerves.

Now, you wouldn’t want to be applying harmful chemicals on it and slowly poison it right?

Here are some ingredients you should keep a lookout for and avoid.

Artificial Fragrances

That really strong smell that might give you a headache at times? Well, that is the artificial fragrance doing its work and magic.

Based on a study, it showed that 1 in 3 reported health problems — including migraines and respiratory issues — when exposed to scented consumer products. Even if you do not experience these symptoms, your body is absorbing the volatile organic compounds emitted by synthetic fragrances.

It is best to avoid these as much as you can and if you wish to purchase a scented product, search for essential oils instead!


Essentially they are the preservatives of the beauty industry. Even though it is used to prevent fungi, bacteria, and yeast, it can severely throw off your body’s hormone balance.

One of the greatest concern of parabens is the link it has to increased risk of breast cancer. So ladies, if you ever see this ingredient listed, place it back to the shelf for your own safety!


An antibacterial agent added to many consumer products to reduce or prevent bacterial contamination. Do note that it is routinely still used in many brands of toothpaste.

Unfortunately, it has been found to wreak havoc on the guts of mi

ce whose blood concentrations of the compound are roughly equivalent to a typical level for humans.

Propylene Glycol

Prevents the product from drying and serves as a thickener. Propylene glycol has been shown to be a skin irritant and to cause allergic reactions.


They function as pigments and thickening agents. In addition, they are most commonly found in antiperspirants as it helps to stops perspiration by blocking your sweat glands.

But, given that perspiration is a natural process of the body, it is no wonder that this product causes harmful effects on your body.

It can cause “gene instability” in breast tissue, Darbre’s research shows. Long-lasting uptakes of significant concentrations of aluminium can lead to serious health effects, such as:

- Damage to the central nervous system

- Dementia

- Loss of memory

- Listlessness

- Severe trembling


The above information might sound scary and feel like we might even be fear-mongering you. But trust us, you will want to know about all these products and the effects it has.

The easiest step we can take as consumers is to learn about all these ingredients and know what you are getting yourself into when you make a purchase!

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