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Customer's Journey With Smood: @stephanieyaoyun

We decided to start this new section whereby we share about our customer's experience with the brand and their journey with natural deodorant!

Her Experience

Her Honest Thoughts

What problems did you face before using our deodorant?

A: During these past months, I have noticed that my armpits smell even after 2 showers in a day which I have not had before.

How did you find out about our brand?

A: One thing leads to another. I stumbled on your Instagram on another person's Instagram. I was curious and checked Smood out 😊

What is your experience with our deodorant?

A: Takes away the odour. Love it. Plus, the packaging is so humble and simple. Eco-friendly too.

What do you like the most about our deodorant?

A: Natural without any chemical in the making of the deodorant. Safe product.

Any tips to share with other customers?

A: I think you can use this naturally made deodorant anywhere.


Thank you for sharing, @stephanieyaoyun :)

If you wish to share your story, drop us a message!

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