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Who Sells The Best Natural Deodorant?

Do a quick search on Google on “natural deodorant” and these are the top topics being searched:

- What is the best deodorant in Singapore?

- Best deodorant for women?

Today, we are going to share and answer the question, which brand carries the best deodorant?

It might not be what you expect at all because there is actually no best deodorant brand.

Why do I say that?

Natural deodorant is formulated with a variety of ingredients and at different ratios. No two brand holds the same formula and each batch actually differs from one another.

Having that in mind, we also need to keep the most essential point in view.

Everyone’s body is different.

With so many factors affecting the final product, it means that the same natural deodorant might work well for you but not for your friend. It is not only the issue of the formulation but also the fact that everyone's body reaction is different.

Then which brand should I choose? You might be wondering to yourself.

Our best answer is to take a chance and try it out. When you purchase a new deodorant, do test it out for a few days with a small portion. Bear in mind that sometimes there might be an armpit detox happening or your body might be allergic to some of the ingredients present.

Our Deodorant Made Small

With that in mind, we specifically chose to make our deodorant in small sizes for 2 reasons:

1) For you to make a small investment and test out how well the deodorant works for you

2) To ensure that it is kept as fresh as possible (we make a new batch of deodorant every weekend!)


Finding the best deodorant is a struggle, but instead, you should find the more effective deodorant for your body.

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