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Why 2020 Marks The Year of Supporting Local

2020 marks the year where things are no longer stay the same. From the way we interact with others to the way we travel, COVID-19 has caused many disruptions in our lives.

Also at the same time, for all makers, I believe there is a silver lining that came out from this pandemic.

It highlighted the importance of supporting your local economy. It highlighted the importance of being self-sufficient. It highlighted the risk that comes with globalisation.

Being a locally born business, it has been heartening to see the growing “support local” culture in Singapore. COVID-19 has pushed the importance of supporting local even further, with many businesses on the brink of closing down after many industries have been affected.

So, what does it mean when you support a local business?

Here it was it means to us:

1) Supporting What We Love

All businesses start with a purpose, passion and desire to make a small change.

Be it whether one is making soap, deodorant, clothes or a product, the reason why most of us start a business is because of a passion we hold dearly in our hearts.

By supporting us, you support what we love and the change we want to make in the world.

2) You Appreciate Our Workmanship

It was after I became a maker that I now have a stronger appreciated of handmade items.

I now know the time, effort, tears or even blood that goes into making that item. By purchasing from us, you are indirectly telling us, “Hey! I love what you are making and I appreciate the time and effort you spend to perfect your craft”.

We can happily say that the time and effort spent to make that item was put to good use!

3) Keeping Us Going

This applies financially and mentally. When you support us, not only do you keep us happy that we are appreciated, you might also be helping us buy our next meal ;)

4) Make Singapore Proud

COVID-19 reminded us of the importance of supporting the local economy and local brands.

For me, nowadays, I try to find out who is the person behind the brand.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that we should not support any overseas brand.

But rather, I think as Singaporeans, we should be proud of Singapore brands. We should support them as much as we can and allow them to grow and spread their brands to other countries as well. When you support a local brand, it gives them the possibility of growing and making a name in the world.


WIth national day coming up, I just want to give a shoutout to all local brands and makers! Also, at the same time, a big thank you to all those who support the local economy and keep Singaporean businesses going.

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