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What Our Customers Say

I've been using it for about 1 month or so. I really like it cause its chemical-free!

It smells really good and keeps me smelling fresh throughout the day. Application is really easy as well!


I bought the deodorant from SMOOD - smells good and so far so good!


I have never used a deodorant before and decided to try this out. I love the smell of this deodorant and it is so easy to use!


It's pretty good! I love that the packaging is totally irrelevant and reused from something else.


Had to put the deodorant in the fridge after the first, felt like it was melting it my bathroom cupboard





I love the Smood! It’s really helpful for me and my girl who’s in her tweens. I was quite sceptical that it would work but I was wrong. 

Thank you for creating such a wonderful, worry free product for us :)

I’m going for my second purchase soon! 


I have never used a deodorant before and decided to try this out. I love the smell of this deodorant and it is so easy to use!


Smood is great for anyone, not just environmentally conscious individuals to use.

Made of natural ingredients and works really well! It keeps everything dry and fresh during workouts and everything else. 


I have received and it works well with me. I am looking forward to more option scent!!! Thanks for making a natural deodorant that's affordable in the market.


Really loving the lavender twin deodorant set I got! The smell is fresh and pleasant and my armpits feel clean and comfortable after application! 

I really love how they’re made out of natural ingredients without chemicals and it makes me feel like it’s much better for my skin! Will totally repurchase! 😊


The best natural deodorant I have tried yet - and I have tried quite a few! Very happy with feel & texture & works great for exercise. I'm very happy to have found!

Beautifully packaged too & great communication from seller. Arrived very quickly. Thank you!


Thank you for the deodorant. I want to let you know that the deodorant stick has been working very well and I'm very pleased with it.


I bought the natural deodorant because I was really curious about how it might be different from the typical drugstore options. What I like most about this product is its smell, which was also the first thing that struck me!

It has this lovely yet natural lavender scent that’s super calming and I guess it feels great knowing that I’m not rubbing random chemicals into my skin so YAY.


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