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Where is Smood made?

All of our deodorants are completely hand made and poured in our humble little kitchen in Singapore.

How do I use Smood's deodorant?

Apply a small amount gently to each pit. The deodorant will soften on contact with body heat.

Please discontinue if irritation develops.

How long does each bar last?

Each bar is estimated to last an estimate of 2 - 3 months, if used daily.

Is it normal to sweat even after applying the deodorant?

Yes :) Our deodorant aims to neutralise your body's odour and pit's wetness. It will not stop you from sweating. Only aluminum-based deodorant will block sweat (along with other toxins) from exiting the body. 

When should I apply the deodorant?

It is best to apply the deodorant at night as that is when you sweat the least. 

How should I store my unused deodorant?

Simply place them in their packaging, in a cool and dry area. You can even store them in the fridge if you want to! 


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