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Customer's Journey With Smood: @foolnna

We decided to start this new section whereby we share about our customer's experience with the brand and their journey with natural deodorant!

Her Experience

Her Honest Thoughts

How did you find out about our brand?

A: I searched "deodorant" in IG store hahaha

What problems did you face using our deodorant?

A: I always knew that the ingredients in mainstream deodorants are unhealthy (eg. Aluminium) and I wanted an alternative. The deodorant I used was really good though but still felt that it was not good for my skin/body.

What is your experience with our deodorant?

At first, it took a while to adjust to a natural deodorant without those antiperspirant ingredients. It didn't last as long as my previous deodorant and I was very afraid I would smell bad especially going out.

I hike often and initially, it wore off quite quickly but as it used it more frequently, it actually stayed and can sustain a 10km hike haha. Of course, I applied more and also overnight~ now it works great 👍 it can last me almost a whole day and I wouldn't be smelling bad 😃

What do you like the most about our deodorant?

A: I tried the starter deodorant and it lasted quite long !! It's natural and better for my skin/body

Any tips to share with other customers?

A: apply before you sleep, apply regularly to prevent odour.


Thank you for sharing, @foolnna :)

If you wish to share your story, drop us a message!

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