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Customer's Journey With Smood: @lemonbao_

We decided to start this new section whereby we share about our customer's experience with the brand and their journey with natural deodorant!

Her Experience

Her Honest Thoughts

Can you share more about yourself?

A: I am Lena and I just turned 21 years old :) I've been using Smood for about 2 months now.

How did you find out about our brand?

A: I discovered Smood when looking online for a more environmentally sustainable alternative to the commercial deodorants in disposable plastic containers.

What problems did you face using our deodorant?

A: I did not know how much I was supposed to apply wah time: it was only after some searching on the website that I saw that it was a pea-sized amount.

I also had difficulties spreading the deodorant evenly without leaving too much residue on my fingers instead. In the first few weeks, I had a few pimples on my underarms probably because I hadn't already the deodorant properly or applied too much.

But after some adjustments, I have gotten more skilled at applying and is now used to it :)

What do you like the most about our deodorant?

A: After the initial hiccups and difficulties, I now really like it and will probably stick to it!

Definitely feels healthier and better using a deodorant knowing that it has a lesser impact on our health and environment!

What do you like the most about our deodorant?

A: Probably the whole ethos behind it: that it is sustainable from its ingredients to packaging. Not to mention it actually works as a deodorant and smells really good!

Any tips to share with other customers?

A: Though it might be a new experience compared to the commercial deodorants, don't worry too much about the technical aspects of applying it as you will get used to it!

If you believe in making a small difference to the environment while supporting a local business, no harm trying it out :)


Thank you for sharing, @lemonbao_:)

If you wish to share your story, drop us a message!

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